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A sampling of the CPAP and BiPAP machines available at NAPS. Note that clicking on the link for any product will take you to our sales website, where you can view more detailed information as well as check prices before you come into our local store.



“Starting therapy for sleep apnea can be daunting. The best help you can get will be from the people at NAPS. Your doctor will write the order for equipment, but that only draws your starting line. The NAPS therapist will expertly fit you with one of the many masks they have available in stock and on display. Then the therapist will explain and demonstrate all the ins and outs of making the therapy work for you. If you have problems you can count on good suggestions for solving them. The office staff can get you through the insurance maze in no time. Next thing you know, you will be sleeping the night away. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Get yourself to NAPS!”

Joanie Robertson, NAPS Customer

“I have been using NAPS for probably 15 years and have never felt the need to go elsewhere. They always get me taken care of with minimal hassle! .”

Mary Lou, NAPS Customer
"Excellent service! Call once, and they know you and take good care of you the second, third, and nth times! Their people know their stuff about mask fit, and are quite accommodating when faced with challenging fits. Their compassion with regard to the issues faced by new and long-time CPAP users makes them a great resource for anyone who can benefit from sleep therapy."
Tom Armstrong, NAPS Customer
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